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Speakeasy Itis

Speakeasy Itis is a cozy restaurant that serves a lunch buffet on weekdays. Speakeasy Itis address is: Itäkatu 1-7, Helsinki.

All-you-can-eat buffet costs 13,90€ on weekdays. They are also offering a soup lunch and a salad bar.

Gluten-free lunch options are available in Speakeasy Itis. Most of their food is gluten-free or gluten-free meals are served by request.

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Opening hours, prices and menus are subject to change. Reach out to the restaurant directly for more information.

Open for lunch


    tel. 050 3551177


    Itäkatu 1-7

    00930 Helsinki, Finland

    9.0km from the city center


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    Also known as

    • Speakeasy Itis luncher
    • Speakeasy Itis Helsinki
    • Speakeasy Itis Itäkatu
    • Speakeasy Itis menu
    • Restaurant Speakeasy Itis
    • Speakeasy Itis Lounas
    • Eatery Itis Buffet